Hi All,

I'm selling this Eagles program via RR Auction in May.  I was asked if this was "band issued".  I said that that is my understanding but I have no evidence that it's true.  I have seen others that strongly resemble mine (placement and quality of the signatures).  Can anyone confirm absolutely that these were band issued, assume in 1994? 

Great thanks in advance for any help with this.

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without seeing the inside cover i cant confirm

if u can get me shots of the credits inside i can help u . 

u have too track down who did there merch back  then thats why i need too see the inside

or the back 

search ebay for another copy

who are u dealing with there jon

Thanks John. I will send an email to Elizabeth at RR tomorrow and see if I can get an image or two. Hopefully back with more soon. Appreciate your help.
John - a friend with the same item sent me this. He said it's the only thing anywhere that seems to identify production or distribution. He is certain that he purchased his directly from the Eagles website but unfortunately doesn't have the receipt. Does this help?

yes thats excatly what im looking for

even though r and r just f***** me over thats another story ill be happy to help you.

they want to know if its an authentic program that the band sold as merchindise on tour is that the question there asking.

It was a question but not a requirement. I have letters from PSA and Roger for this. And anyone who knows Eagles would recognize these as correct. So this is more about marketing, and curiosity I guess. My buddy said he purchased directly from the Eagles website. I'm thankful you replied but please don't put too much time into it. It's in the May auction one way or the other. I'm sorry to learn of your bad experience with RR. I've had mostly good luck. They've declined two pieces from me, both of which sold for full market immediately after on Pristine and Iconic. So their mistakes on those occasions. But overall I've been happy.

ill be happy to help u or anyone here

the answer with a cavet is yes ,it an offical tour program and the reason i say with a cavet is im not seeing or touching it and u know  everything can be bootleged or copied

but if ur friend said he got from there website thats good enough but its an offical program from the looks that i can see without touching it.hope that helps and good luck with it.

may i ask how your dealings with iconic and pristin was compared too r and r thanks ive dealt with them

Thank you John. Again, really appreciate it. Iconic and Pristine. Well....Pristine very responsive but perhaps still feeling their way forward when it comes to music memorabilia. I have no doubts about their integrity - seem to be good people. Iconic hit and miss. First experience was very good. Second experience a bit less so. Sloppy presentation of both items I submitted. I don't want to be too critical. One thing to know is that they're payout schedule is 30 business days, not calendar days. So it can feel like quite a long wait. As a seller they themselves are buyers which can be positive. But as a buyer it's pretty tough. They're extended bidding rules basically allow the company to scour the entire auction and cherry pick anything they see might be about to sell for less than they think they can get reselling it later. So it's not easy to get a great price on an overlooked item. It's just a different business model. I've never had the feeling any of the three were treating me unfairly. I do think RR has the best service and business operation. If they reinstate electronic payments and leave the website alone they'll be even better. Just my two cents.

thanks i deal with the big auctions like heratigae bohams and sothebeys so normal pay is alot longer than 30 days so thats not a problem but  being able to cherry pick stuff  when the convince u too put in low bothers me and isnt an uncommom practice

as said r and r screwed me over  and the big ones can only take so much ever few months so im always looking for other outlets

ill feel out iconic and see what they decide too start some itiems at but i always protect myself thanks



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