Hi guys,

i'm new here because i need help with an autograph of Elvis from 1959!

A friend of mine got an autograph from Elvis for about 150$, he asked me if i can help him to identify this item as real or fake. 
I'm an Elvis fan but not an expert in autographs...
Would be nice if you could give your opinnion on this piece!

As far i know, the seller meant that this postcard was signed by Elvis in Bad Nauheim, Germany 1959. There is also an autograph from Debra Paget on the card.

What do you think?

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In my opinion this autograph is not by the hand of elvis presley. 

I have serious concerns with the way the Y is done along with the gap between the S and L. It also looks to my eye to be slowly drawn. 

I am by no means an expert on Elvis. Just a dedicated fan. His signature as well you know is difficult to verify etc. 

I have attached a similar one to yours but with some obvious differences. It's from the rrauctions website. 

Personally I would not buy this! 

I would definitely wait for others to post/respond with their thoughts or inputs. 


Attachments: No photo uploads here

Hi Mark an thanks for your reply!

I had the same thoughts with the letters "e" and "s" in Presley. never saw an autograph from Elvis with such nice drawn letters...

Ok i will wait for further opinions.

Thank you!

No from me. Shaky. slow and strange.

Hi Christoph,

Eric keith longo is very knowledgeable and respected member. I would heed his thoughts etc. 

Thank you Mark. Karsten and Steve are the Elvis go-to guys. If this were Gleason or Bowie it would be different.

For me fake... there are many letters strange... and the autograph is slow...

not a good flow for me.  Its a no

Hi guys,

thanks for your opinions!  

Hi Christoph, everything has already been said here. Too slow, shaky, strange and not a good flow. Sorry to say, but not real in my opinion. 

Unfortunately, Elvis isn't authentic IMO.



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