We're considering adding an eBay autograph and memorabilia forum, or group, to Autograph Magazine Live! where members can discuss everything from safe buying, to individual buyers and sellers, to discussing particular pieces you're interested in.

Is that something you'd be interested in? If so, what would you like to see in it, would you use it often, and do you have any ideas how you'd like it to work, including rules, etc.

Please tell us your ideas in this forum. We can implement it as early as April 1.

It you're not a member of Autograph Magazine Live! you'll need to join to comment. It's free!

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Case in point:

I just bought a (probably fake...) Springsteen autograph for 9$:

What do rock autographs experts think about that seller:

It shows there should be an easy way to find infos on EBay sellers...
[IMG][/IMG]Here is a legit example Bruce signed for me in the 90s.
[IMG][/IMG]Here is one more Bruce signed for me in the 90s.

I still think what I got is highly suspicious, even if somewhat resembling the real thing.
The huge amount of very cheap signed setlists by the seller is the problem for me...
(Hence the need for a "rating" system for autograph sellers on EBay!)
My recommendation is that you do a thorough search on the internet to look for examples of an autograph before purchasing it. There is a rich resource of autographs from reputable dealers out there. Just compare as many as you can and you should be able to determine what legitimate signatures look like.
Also, if a seller is like me and offers you a lifetime money back guarantee for all autographed items then it's likely that they are an honest dealer.
Good luck.


I think you're right. I checked and they don't look like the ones they have sold. It's a good site to look for examples on.
Hi Guys,
I recently launched a website that should help you to get a feeling for reasonable prices for autographed items on eBay, please check it out and give me feedback:

Interesting site that seems to be a way to earn revenue from visitors clicking on Ebay listings. Nice way to earn revenue. Otherwise, it really does not provide people with information on how each celebrity's signature is valued. Good luck with it!
Hi Irvin,

you need to register to see the full informaion (e.g. historical & average prices). I think I need to make that clear somewhere on the site.
And of course, I get a share of the revenue generated on eBay - why not? It doesn't hurt the users and I can get some of my costs of running that site back ;-)
steve, a touchy area especially where buyers/seller information is a slippery slope.

ebay is what it is and the autograph business is alive and well. As Markus and some others point out in the R&R thread who also sell on ebay suprisingly there's lots of non genuine stuff floating around.

e.g. on the Obtained thru the mail item much of that is genuine, really signed by the artist and then turns up on ebay (genuine or not).

what could be good is a list of sellers that are known to be careful on their offerings or w/o getting into names a study on a particular offering and an analysis of real -vs- fake. Mantle & Dimaggio come to mind and as you know in the other thread Elvis (which I found most informative)
DB, good ideas. We're considering doing what you suggested but it's going to be slanted towards the same sellers, almost exclusively dealers. Lots of thinking about what to do here.



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