I just  performed an Ebay search on "Sold Sales" for Mickey Mantle Autographed Photos."

Here is the most recent link to that search:


It shows that over 75% of the "Sold Listings" are Mickey Mantle forgeries.

The majority of those are with COAs from GFA (Guaranteed Forensic Authenticators headed by Stephen Rocchi).

This shows how difficult it is sell an authentic Mickey Mantle autograph on a photo at a decent price.

It also shows just how heavily populated Ebay is with wannabe autograph collectors (who fall for that "Forensic" BS) and suckers who are lured in by the cheap framing (Lipstick On A Pig).

Here are some Ebay screenshots from that "Sold Lists" search.

It seems to be same Ebay sellers who over and over again continue to list and sell Mickey Mantle GFA-certed forgeries:

Ebay seller Ranger191

Ebay seller Bluechipvideoentertainment

Ebay seller Rbisportsinc.

Ebay seller silly_shelly

Ebay seller Dcarlc

Ebay seller Alihamed51

Ebay seller Mccauleyjr2006

Ebay seller Stevew6

Ebay seller Gofsu2010

Ebay seller Dbvint123

Ebay seller Pan4life14

Ebay seller Jellyx27

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Very sad no doubt. Because if we assume that most of these buyers are collectors who were in search of one nice "real" Mantle, these people are now out of the market for a Mantle-signed item. So now the demand-side of the market is nominally decreased by one for every sale of a fake item. And less demand equals lowered prices overall for any Mantle item, but especially genuine ones because they are naturally higher priced.

If the only Mantle's available were truly the genuine ones, then the wannabe collectors would have no choice but to pay the higher prices that genuine ones command.

So I do think these fakes are driving down the values of everyone's legitimate stuff.

James, well written.

Truly shocking and sickening. Not only are these mass produced fakes ripping people off, they are DESTROYING the hobby for everyone... Even the collectors smart enough to avoid them.

They should enjoy their ill gotten gains now, because there is a very hot corner in hell for the criminals behind all this.

This crap is truly destroying the hobby.

I could have posted further screenshots showing the extreme high number of GFA-certed forgeries that monopolize the "Sold Auctions" under the category of "Mickey Mantle Autographed Photos."

It is totally disgusting!!!!

this has no place to go but down, it will just take time before these criminals are exposed.  the value of legitimate items will find its place again, you just have to be patient. it may take years but it will happen.

what I really dont understand is what GFA is actually charging for an authentication.  see this link:


how can you sell the "lipstick on a pig" frame, the signed photo AND authentication for 129 or BO???  

A quality matte, frame and UV glass alone would cost almost double this price... not counting the cost of an authentically signed photo.

Autograph = junk
Authentication = junk
Framing = junk

Any questions?

I've always loved this post by Steve Zarelli.

Haha. Glad you like it Chris. The sad thing is it’s now seven years later and these junky fakes are  still plaguing the hobby. It’s the autograph version of COVID. 

Steve, that's even better than your previous comment.

After Chris first posted this I did a search of sold Mantle items myself. It is jaw-dropping.

I had to scroll and scroll and scroll before I saw an authentic Mantle. You will find a real one like a needle in a haystack of this GFA framed and matted garbage.

This nonsense is RUINING the hobby!!

a year ago, when the EMR program was in place, it was the other way around.  its like they stopped the chemo and the cancer is taking over.


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