Ebay seller acc.collectiblezllc is a big time autograph forger who sold over 10, 000 forgeries from Jackson, Mississippi

Christopher Dunnells is the person behind one of the biggest forgery in Mississippi. His ebay account acc.collectiblezllc have sold over 10,000 forgeries to date. Christopher Dunnells is a criminal defense attorney at Dunnells Law in Mississippi. For extra cash, he sells fake sports and celebrity names on ebay. He may attend a few comic cons here and there to get a few names. But it don't account for the countless big celebs he have in his inventory that you can can get in Los Angeles and New York.



Look at these awful fakes

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When Christopher takes a photo-op with a celebrity, he blur his ugly face out so nobody can recognize him

Here's a picture of him I found on one of his social media account

Sitting at home forging autographs and put his own brand COA stickers on them

here's another picture of autograph forger Christopher for those reading this on their smartphones


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