Here's a few of the dozens he is selling right now

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DeAnna - if you would like, you can run some of the MJ's through the forum here and we can give opinions.   To start a new topic for your own MJ questions, just click the Forum tab at the top and you'll be walked thru some steps to post here.  As for determineing real or fake, its learning basically.  No different than how you know say, your parents signature, or someone your familiar with.  You can spot the differences after you study an autograph for many years.  We have many different genres of autograph collectors on the forum so be sure to post the name of who you are looking for info on (ie Michael Jackson) in the title to attract the right folks to answer your questions.  You can attach photos.  If you want, insert an eBay link as well if you are looking there, as it helps us to look at the "full picture".   

-wascher moderator (welcome to the forum too!) :)

Thank you! I appreciate that & will definitely post any pics of an item i'm interested in. Ebay scares me as far as that stuff goes. Any tips on where I could go that sells & is reputable? 

I would imagine some folks might hit you up on your wall now that they know you are looking... (there are a few on the forum selling theirs) or check with Roger Epperson....  - if he doesn't have one, he'll probably know someone who does. 





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