EBAY SELLER BEWARE posting your photos: rockcollectors2011 Selling a Roger Epperson Eric Clapton 8X10 signed photo as a RP

I've been checking out Eric Clapton signatures as it is one that I'd like to add to my collection. In the middle of looking through ebay I stumbled across this, which I immediately recognized.


As you can see the listing says. 

All Autographs Photo are REPRINTED with glossy 8x10 paper. The autographs are 100% Authentic, They've just been reprinted from my original Autographed Photo,

What makes me most nervous is he says MY original autographed photo. The reason this makes me nervous is because Roger Epperson is selling the original photo on his website is still for sale. 


I sent this message to the seller: 

Dear rockcollectors2011,
Hi, I was curious. Are you the owner of the original photo and if so is that for sale? Thank You
he responded:
I am , sorry its not

- rockcollectors2011
After alerting this seller if he was aware that Roger is selling the original and was he aware he stopped responding. I fully believe he took Roger's image and is passing it off as HIS. I sent Roger an email about this but no response. The listing was ended but he made a new one here: 
I guess long story short it is hard to keep your autograph protected if they are just making copies of a piece you own and selling the reprints out for under you, then the next person (if they are able to start selling quality reprints) are able to sell to unsuspecting buyers as originals. 
This I think would devalue your original and may (i'd believe) be illegal to sell a copy of something that you own that is the original. I probably will have second thoughts posting any of my autographs online for now on. 

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We miss old Heath. Last i heard he was asking people for money for cobain lyrics. Do you know why he got the boot.

I don't know where he is or what happened. I remember he was hellbent on trying to prove an autograph of Cobain he had was not only authentic but the rarest in the hobby. He said he studied the signature for 86 hours! 

I don't have any photos of those nirvana items but none of the 3 looked alike. Sure didn't look like Polaroid sigs signed on same day. Might see if I can dig them up the pics.
Fng Heath. Killing me.
Oh stop. Let's call this the Heath thread. I remember the thread. Nirvana collectors were going mad at end of it.

I think Wascher started taking boxing lessons because of it.

Crazy huh. If heath is reading this the cobains were fake.

Great point well done, theres a guy in the UK on e bay  foxriver  who sells copies of auction items he simply buys the catalogues or downloads images from the sites Christies,Bonhams etc and sells copies on e bay ,it has to devalue the original i wouldnt pay big bucks for an original if it was widely copied even worse i wouldnt be pleased if i saw something of mine copied on e bay for a couple of quid after i just paid a lot for it  ,perhaps the auction sites should wise up to it and watermark/sample the pictures im sure it would be beneficial 

its also about time they wised up to watermarking rare photos most put up high res images that can be downloaded for free that has to down value the original.. everyone makes copies 


He also copies items from other listings and I agree Watermarking is the only way

Yeah, I also think watermarking...even if it is so small that the thief wouldn't notice the distortion would work to a degree. It isn't enough that people forge autographs to almost perfection--to make you 2nd guess TPA (unless you witness the signature first hand.) They also have to make copies! This REALLY makes me appreciate a site like this. 

a classic example now on RR auction a signed elvis snapshot   as the seller why would you allow them to put that up in high res without a watermark especially if its their job to get the maximum price possible



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