Ebay Seller Cam1492_2 Sells Forged Signed Mickey Mantle Ted Williams Photo COA GFA Rocchi

Here's yet another set of forged Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams on a photo with a worthless COA from Stephen Rocchi and John Goraczyk and their Guaranteed Forensic Authenticators (GFA) group.

The below set of Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams forgeries were sold by Ebay seller Cam1492_2 for a whopping $50.00.

Does the buyer of the below crap really think they got a set of authentic Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams autographs for a whopping $50.00.

The people who buy this garbage are delusional autograph collectors.

Since GFA (Stephen Rocchi) started in Sept. 2011, we have yet to see one authentic Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, Willie, Sandy Koufax, etc., with their COA.

Not one.

That's pathetic!!!

The auctions below are, of course, the "Florida" forgeries.

Immediately below are links to threads about GFA-certed forgeries.




Here are those two Mantle/Williams forgeries with COAs sold by Ebay seller Cam1492_2.

By the way, the motto of Ebay seller Cam1492_2 is "100% Real, Buy Cheaply."

Click your mouse on the below image to get a closer view.

I have no sympathy for delusional autograph collectors who buy this crap.


Ebay seller Cam1492_2 sold another of the exact set of forgeries.


Some of the other GFA-certed forgeries sold by Ebay seller Cam1492_2.



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Yesterday I got into a discussion on Facebook with a guy who was extremely proud of himself because he purchased a Mike Trout signed ball for $50 with a GA cert. He, and others, were indignant when it was pointed out (by many)that it was almost certainly a forgery. The logical loops he was jumping through were amazing. The seller was "a season ticket holder who had 20 of them". "If it's fake, why would the forger sign on the horse shoe and not the sweet spot?". I pointed out that a ROMLB costs $15. GA (supposedly) charges $30 to authenticate Trout. That $45 sunk cost. Why would he sell it for $50? When balls with a PSA cert sell for $200+? And forgers aren't stupid. They know what Trouts rushed signature looks like (and it's an easy one to forge) and they know that IP he often signs on the horseshoe. Not to mention, if they knew it was real, why would anybody sell something for $50 that was worth many times that? To be nice?

Didn't work. I'm sure it's up on a display and he will tell stories of the "idiots" who pay $200 for a Trout ball.

I've come to the conclusion that it's pride. They buy these garbage pieces because they want to brag to their friends how smart they are for not paying "retail".

Those are delusional collectors, TradeGreek.  Thank you for posting your comment.

Here is a laughable set of Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra forgeries (Florida forgeries) on a photo sold by Ebay seller Cam1492_2 that sold for a whopping $45.00.

Does the buyer of this garbage really think they bought an authentic set of Mantle and Berra autographs for $45.00.  Worthless COA from GFA (Rocchi).





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