Just wondering if any members have had any experience with eBay seller check-out-my-rare-items.


He seems to post a lot of proof pictures with his items. I am particularly interested in his signed Sabbath album.


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I've surfed his stuff before

From what I am familiar with, it looks good to me including his Sabbath

post the Sabbath you're interested in


Thank you for replying goodcat, the one above is the one i particularly like.

I may just wait a few weeks and see what members here have instead.

Looks good to me

All the right flavors of being Legit

He's got some nice stuff and a lot of it

Thank you for looking.

I thought it looked 'good'. I compared it to some others, and it seemed to check out.

I still may see what members here have available. I think i like the idea of canvassing other Forum members before heading to eBay.

Ya they are pretty bang on sigs 

Good plan to canvass here. I would much rather buy from here than ebay

And it's always a good idea to post the item  here for opinions before buying. Especially pricey items

Good luck to ya

And that is why i went to Eric for my Bowie.

Very good advice and some that i always follow.

Thanks goodcat, i actually enjoy researching and finding an item more than i like purchasing. 

The Black Sabbath album is definitely good. Slightly abbreviated last name on Ozzy, but overall a great looking piece.

Thank you J. Mikael, it is a nice looking piece, on a great album.

I'd review this account again.

As in no good Steve?

Any updates on this sellers rating? Im tinking of purchasing this https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%...




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