ebay seller disneycolector selling jeter forgeries all signed by the same dope.

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Ebay seller Disneycolector has been exposed before selling Mickey Mantle forgeries.

Those Jeter forgeries are laughable and disgusting.



According to Ebay seller Disneycolector, he purchased those laughable Derek Jeter forgeries from Ebay seller Andyd979.

Of all the laughably bad COAs I've seen, that ranks right up there with the saddest.

Ebay seller Disneycolector is presently selling the below Derek Jeter and Arod forgeries.


and to make it worse, its a cheap ass helmet with a crappy NY sticker!  looks like something you get from dipping dots!

Ebay continues to be a cesspool of forgeries.

Laughable poop. 

Look who is back selling a new batch of fake jeters. This one has a steiner hologram from another item (of course the coa is missing.....I bet its for a $10 autograph) 


Jeez, 4 holograms and a custom made dry-erase COA.  Hit N' Run Collectibles ruined a perfectly good hat.

Look at the crap Ebay seller Disneycolector is selling.  Tons of Jeter forgeries.


Go check his stuff out now


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