Ebay Seller evelbeaver Sells Forged Signed Derek Jeter Card Must Read!!!!

Check out the below forged Derek Jeter card sold by Ebay seller Evelbeaver for $999.00.

Note only that, but a twice-signed Derek Jeter card with an inscription!!!

Here it is.

Who in their mind spends $999.00 on garbage like this!!!

This is almost incomprehensible.


The so-called inscription reads "Next Time, Dinner First."

Nice touch by the forger to convince someone to buy this crap (laughable forgeries).

And you have to read their story...

Part of item description reads First signing was at the game he achieved his 3,000 hits on July 9, 2011 at the seventh inning stretch my father threw the card down to him, and Mark Teixeira threw it back up to us as Jeter continue down into dugout.

That's hilarious!!!

But guess what; stories like that work on those delusional autograph collectors on Ebay.

Immediately below is a screenshot of the listing (you may have to click your mouse on the image to get a closer look).

This once again proves how easy it is to sell forgeries on Ebay.

With Ebay so heavily-populated with delusional autograph collectors and impulse buyers, selling autographs on EBay is actually easier than selling authentic autographs.

And Ebay does not care!!!

All they care about is the amount of money they profit from the sales of forgeries.

Again though, who in their right mind spends $999.00 on garbage like this!!!

But at the same time, it doesn't surprise me at all.

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there are no words for this

I have one:  Stupid for the buyer.

One for the seller, but I can't use the word in a public forum.

That's more than I paid for my Three Stooges item.  Sick.

I have no sympathy for the buyer when they eventually discover that what they paid $999.00 for is worthless garbage.

Wow. That’s a lot of money wasted,

Sure is, Rick, but I have no sympathy for the buyer.

Especially when the "story" goes that "His father threw the card down to him" on that same day of Jeter's 3,000th hit.  

And then Tex "threw the card back up at him."


And then three years, Jeter signed the same card during spring training.

Can't make this stuff up.

Texeira didn’t even like to sign himself. He was difficult to get. Hard to see him helping to get the signature of someone else.

I’d love to know how far “up” it was thrown. Cards are not easy the throw strikes “up” and “down” with.

Exactly, Rick.




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