Ebay Seller Fdbarber Sells Forged/Autographed Mickey Mantle Baseball COA NOT Scoreboard

Check out this ugly and obvious forged Mickey Mantle baseball sold by Ebay seller Fdbarber for a whopping $199.99

This once again proves just how easy it is to sell forgeries on Ebay.

One of the biggest scams for the last five years has been sellers of forgeries using an old/edited/modified Scoreboard COA to list and sell their garbage forgeries.

A "Scoreboard" Mickey Mantle autographed baseball has always held their value.

Scoreboard did not sell forgeries.

What a waste of $199.99 by some delusional autograph collector who probably thinks they got a "steal" on the below laughable and common Mickey Mantle forgery,

This is another case where a delusional autograph bought the COA and not the autograph.

This is simply a laughable forged Mickey Mantle baseball sold by Ebay seller Fdbarber.

Ebay continues to profit big-time by the sales of forgeries on Ebay.

Here is that obvious Mickey Mantle forgery sold by Ebay seller Fdbarber for a whopping $199.99.


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Ebay seller Fdbarber just sold another forged Mickey Mantle baseball using an old/copied/modified Scoreboard COA.

Once again, this is not a Scoreboard product.  Scoreboard did not sell forgeries.  This has been one of the biggest scams on Ebay.  Sellers using an old/copied/modified Scoreboard COA to sell their forgeries.


What a waste of $250.00.



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