Ebay Seller Hanhenrgros Babe Ruth Autographed Baseball Ugly & Hilarious Forgery

I just had to post the below "Babe Ruth" found on Ebay.

The below ugly and hilarious "Babe Ruth" is listed by Ebay seller Hanhenrgros.

Ebay seller Hanhenrgros writes "I have a very nice baseball signed by baberuth I had it for about 15 years as you can see its his signature I think the ball could be 1920s/1930s I got a appraisal years ago when I first got the ball he said it was the real deal but anyways the balls in very nice shape and compare his signature you will see great deal on the ball others sell for about double that price."  

The above is from Ebay seller's Hanhenrgros item description exactly as they wrote it.

Seriously, Ebay seller Hanhenrgros?

Either this Ebay seller is a scammer, or he really believes their laughable "Babe Ruth" is authentic.

This is one hilarious forgery.

It even includes the quotes surrounding "Babe."

Of course, this is simply a pathetic forgery.

Maybe Ebay seller Hanhenrgros bought this mess at a garage sale with the intention of selling it as authentic as they are doing right now?

Could this have been penned as a non-malicious forgery that purchased by the seller, who is now attempting to sell it as authentic?

Did Ebay seller Hanhenrgros really have this crap appraised?  Although appraising is not the same as authenticating.

This is one ugly Babe Ruth forgery listed by Ebay seller Hanhenrgros.

I doubt if the Ebay suckers and wannabe autograph collectors will bid on this garbage.


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That is bad...looks like it was done with a sharpie too. 

That is one ridiculous "Babe Ruth."

Only on Ebay where the scammers roam.

it's too bad.  they ruined a nice ball.

Good grief...

Wow! This really is terrible

I'm not even sure scumbag Lee Trythall would accept that for Thursday's upcoming auction. On second thought, he probably would!

I imagine he has emailed the seller asking him to consign it next month telling him it was signed with many of the others he will sell

Then Lee puts it up for auction and the seller sees it and decides to message him.

Han "Excuse me, can you please explain why you wrote a bunch of stuff on my baseball?"

Lee "I didn't write anything on the ball at all. Those are the signatures of Lou Gehrig, Joe Jackson, Jimmie Foxx, Cy Young, Walter Johnson and Ty Cobb."

Han "I don't remember seeing any of those on there."

Lee "You probably didn't have your glasses on when you shipped it. That's exactly how the ball arrived to our office here in Souderton." 

Brilliant and I can see it happening

There is already one bid on this garbage.

My word, it appears eBay have pulled it!

It is curious to why ebay will pull crap like this very quickly but leave 99.9% of other items they KNOW are forgeries up.


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