eBay Seller: Is SignaturesInTime Legit And/Or The Same Seller As SignaturesInTime2?

Hi Everybody-

      I hope this message finds everyone safe and sound... My question is this: Is eBay Seller "SignaturesInTime" legit and/or The Same Seller as "SignaturesInTime2"? I understand that "SignaturesInTime2" is actually Randy Therm, a Seller of many years out of Wiscosin with a good reputation that is considered to be honest. However, there is a Seller,."SignaturesInTime", who is located in Ashland, Oregon, with a mixed lot of offerings ( https://www.ebay.com/str/completeyourcollectionhere ).

      For example, I have no doubt that his Debbie Harry signed autobiography listing is authentic (pic #1 below), but I find the signatures on a recent Pretenders LP (pic #2 below) to be atypical, even though the listing claimed to feature JSA authentication. All these signatures vary somewhat from known exemplars. In particular, I question both Martin Chambers and James "Honeyman" Scott's signatures. I've never seen Scott sign with anything but "JHS" (pics #3).

      Does anyone know if this "SignaturesInTime" Seller is actually Randy Therm of "SignaturesInTime2", and do you think that this Seller's listings are generally legit? I've reached out to (and am waiting on a response from) Randy Therm himself, but in the meantime I'd appreciate any/all opinions on either/or Seller and "SignaturesInTime's" listings in particular.. . -Syren

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I had an exchange of emails from June 2021 with someone named Bruce at signaturesintime. never bought "faded" Fresh cream album cover. 

Not sure this will help at all, but I just bought a couple of days ago from Randy at his SignaturesInTime2 eBay account.  So, he is still using that one not sure why he would have two accounts.  


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