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Ebay Seller Jaco-holli Sells Derek Jeter Souvenir Baseball With Facsimile Autograph For $241.35

This is totally unbelievable, but then again, maybe not....

After all, it is Ebay............

Ebay seller Jaco-holli listed and sold a Derek Jeter Souvenir Baseball With A Facsimile Signature for $241.35.

Ebay seller Jaco-holli listed their Derek Jeter Souvenir Baseball under the category of Autographs-Original.

Ebay seller Jaco-Holli wrote in their item description Signed and bought in the year 2003 at a Yankee game.

This is a microcosm of why Ebay sellers of forgeries, etc., list their crap on Ebay; they know the suckers and wannabe autograph collectors will purchase their crap!!!

It is easy to see from the photograph included in the below auction that it is a souvenir baseball with a facsimile Derek Jeter signature.

When the buyer gets their Derek Jeter Souvenir Baseball in their hands will they still think they have a penned autograph from Derek Jeter?

This is both hilarious and sad.

And for Ebay seller Jaco-holli to sell the below Derek Jeter Souvenir Baseball as a hand-signed autograph is disgusting.

The scammers continue to run amok on Ebay.


Click on the below image to get a closer view.

Here is another example of a Derek Jeter souvenir baseball.

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I can't believe someone bought this.  It is so obvious.

Ebay's motto is "An uneducated autograph consumer is our best customer."

If you can buy those balls for $10, you can make 2313.6% flipping them on eBay.  Pretty good margin.

And ebay is now a closed forum, so they do not allow you to notify someone letting them know they were ripped off

that's just miserable...wow...I bet between now and christmas more fake jeters will be sold then real ones...just brutal...

Right. Even from the eBay picture, you can easily tell it is preprinted and not real pen lines that would be overlapping each other.

I can't believe people drop this kind of money on something they obviously know nothing about. eBay truly has become a scammers' paradise.

When I first noticed this auction I knew they would be a few idiotic bidders, but $241.35!!!

Let's see what happens when the buyer gets their souvenir baseball in their hands.

If multiple people report to Ebay that a seller like this with a LOW feedback number,is posting a fraudulent listing,more then likely Ebay will remove it if they report it.Try it !

Wow.  And 66 bids on it.  Unbelievable.  I have no clue on sports things but I just can't believe they couldn't see that this was a pre-printed ball.   Seriously?  


Better than a forgery being bought I suppose... Morons.

LOL. I guess that is a glass half-full approach.

The buyer grossly overpaid but at least got a decent souvenir item and not a totally worthless forgery. 

How can anyone not observe that it's a souvenir baseball below.



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