Ebay Seller jj_dynamite Derek Jeter Autographed Helmet FORGERY COA Not Steiner Sports Sold For $384.99

Here's another instance on Ebay where a seller is listing and eventually sold a Derek Jeter forgery on a helmet with a Steiner Sports COA.

We are seeing this scam more frequently on EBay.

Ebay doesn't care (it's more money in their pocket) and Steiner Sports doesn't care either.

The below Derek Jeter forgery on a jersey was listed and sold by Ebay seller jj_dynamite for $384.99.

Sellers like this  prey on wannabe autograph collectors who buy the COA and not the autograph.

Eventually, the wannabe autograph collector who bought this, is going to discover he purchased a Derek Jeter forgery.

Or, the person who purchased this Derek Jeter forgery, is simply looking to flip this Derek Jeter forgery for a profit.

This is a poorly-executed and laughable Derek Jeter forgery listed and sold by Ebay seller jj_dynamite for $384.99.

I will forward the link to the scam to Steiner Sports but they won't do anything about it because they don't care.

Here is that ugly Derek Jeter forgery on a helmet listed and sold by Ebay seller jj_dynamite.


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This is the same one you put up the other day. Looks like the other person purchased it for a quick flip

Steiner has become a joke and I'm not just talking about their prices
They do not care at all about fake items with their coas being out there
They should be ashamed of the way they "resolve" these things, or fail to


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