Derek Jeter Autographed Helmet FORGERY COA Not Steiner Sports

Here's another instance on Ebay where a seller is listing a Derek Jeter forgery on a helmet with a Steiner Sports COA.

We are seeing this scam more frequently on EBay.

Ebay doesn't care (it's more money in their pocket) and Steiner Sports doesn't care either.

This is a poorly-executed and laughable Derek Jeter forgery.

I will forward the link to the scam to Steiner Sports but they won't do anything about it because they don't care.

Here is that ugly Derek Jeter forgery on a helmet.

Look at this forged Derek Jeter baseball with a so-called Steiner hologram.

Notice these sellers of forged Jeter autographs never have the Steiner COA card.

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I hope you are right. They have the resources to address this. Hire a private security firm to buy some of the bad items, get the contact information of the sellers and start knocking on doors and issuing letters from attorneys. At this stage, I'm sure they could trace it back to the source quickly.

The beauty of it is that Steiner doesn't even have to prove the signatures are bad. They just need to show the holograms are counterfeit and/or being used illegally. Once they file a few criminal complaints and file civil lawsuits, this nonsense will stop promptly.

The reason forgers do what they do is that it is high payoff with minimal risk. They have been operating with impunity on ebay. Steiner needs to introduce risk to the equation.

Steve, well written.

Hey guys FYI I have recieved a full refund from JJ_dynamite. He was very helpful and understanding in this whole process. According to his terms he didn't have to take back the helmet or refund my money but he did anyway without any hesitation. I feel he was in the same situation I was in so, I want to offer an apology to JJ about the comments I had previously made and let everyone know that he is a really nice guy and an honest ebayer!
A seller can put wateva terms they want aka no returns no refunds but if they sell a fake autograph eBay will always get the refund.

So no matter what someone says in the future if they sell a fake autograph you can always get your money back, no matter their terms
What is he going to do with the helmet? Sell it to someone else?


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