Ebay Seller kowkow4000 selling dozens of fake rock autographs!


Anybody know this crook?  Dozens and dozens of really bad forgeries up for sale (and sold in the past) by Kiss, Floyd, Springsteen, REM, Eagles, F. Mac, Dylan, AC/DC, Sabbath, and many more. 

Of course eBay will do nothing. 

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Why should we expect Ebay to do anything about it.

They love making money from the sales of forgeries.

You are correct Bruce Juice. eBay will do absolutely nothing about that seller. He has so many eBay accounts, pushing those forgeries. You'll find some of his other eBay accounts under this thread below.


Due to this thread being a few years old and the individual listings are older than 90 days, the eBay links won't pop up directly, but you can view a number of his previous eBay forgeries that were uploaded on here. 

After some detective work I found that kowkow4000 is now n1anja4thousand.But it gets better!! After a search of sold items on another ebatfraudster. Dgcharger1969. I went to bring up a photo of the lp she had sold.And what do I find? Item previously listed by n1nja4thousand. How many accounts does this Girl have??? Making $$ ripping people off.      

Makes $4000 a month just off the dgcharger1969 account.    Bitch be $Rich



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