Ebay Seller Puredetroit Sells Forged Signed Derek Jeter Baseball

Once again this proves how easy it is to sell forgeries on EBay.

Check out this obvious and laughable forged Derek Jeter baseball that was sold by Ebay seller Puredetroit for a whopping $99.00 (Buy It Now was $125.00 and Best Offer accepted was $99.00).

You would be hard-pressed to find a more laughable Derek Jeter forgery on a baseball.

Ebay is so heavily-populated with delusional autograph collectors and impulse buyers, that selling forgeries on Ebay is easier than selling authentic autographs.

The buyer of this ugly forged Derek Jeter baseball probably thinks they got a steal; they got ripped off.

And for some reason, people on Ebay think that Ebay filters out the forgeries; nothing could be further from the truth; in my opinion, EBay encourages the listing and selling of forgeries by doing nothing about them.

For the last twenty years, Ebay has profited big-time from the sales of forgeries.

I will continue to expose Ebay sellers of forgeries.  This crap continues to devalue the authentic autographs of true collectors and this garbage also makes it difficult for sellers of authentic autographs to sell their items on EBay.

Here is that laughable forged Derek Jeter baseball sold by Ebay seller Puredetroit for $99.00.


The worthless COA is from Auto Central (Who?)

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eBay used to have a program that included a team of knowledgeable volunteers who would report forgeries and they were usually removed promptly.  It wasn’t perfect, but significantly reduced the number of mass produced and obvious forgeries on eBay. eBay discontinued this program several years ago. Probably because too many eBay PowerForgery sellers complained about it. Not good for business. 

Since the discontinuation of this program, forgeries on eBay have mushroomed  exponentially. The fake sellers know that they can sell their phony goods unimpeded. 

What gets me if that what is bad for eBay customers should be bad for eBay itself. No good can come out of allowing their customers to be intentionally deceived. But....the wheels on the bus goes round and round.

If the EMR team were active today all of those "Florida" sellers would have been kicked off Ebay.

The majority of "signed Mantle photos" on Ebay that are sold are forgeries and the majority of those are from "Florida."

That's what I call "The Forgery Industry."

there is no doubt that once Ebay, for whatever reason, terminated the EMR program, it opened the door to these florida sellers and forgers saturating Ebay with poorly executed forgeries, that sell for a fraction of what authentic versions bring.

Two types of people buy those "Florida" forgeries.

The delusional who think they "stole" it from everyone else, and the scammers who flip them elsewhere.

The market already knows this, and has priced it in.  A PSA or Steiner Jeter autograph sells for $400-$500.  This ball sold for a steep discount, $99.  Is this ball really a forgery, or a cheap fantasy?  

it's a stinky smelly pile of S**t is what it is. Pure Detroit did the right thing and I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, says the guy who who despises E-Bay. They are a corporate cluster f.

don't take this personally mr fudd... we don't want to get all bent outta shape again haha

but is ebay really to blame?

I recently had a topic posted about a shady auctioneer company. Well it's not a real auction house but a brokerage type of business. Many/Most of the autographs were FAKE as F%$#, but people told me it's not their fault because they are only the middle man and it's the buyers responsibilty to know what their buying. Same as ebay IMO. 

My point is this.... why do some folks place blame on ebay but not on these shady lowlife brokerage type companies. To me they are one and the same.

Would you agree or what's your opin?

Goodcat, speaking for myself, there's a lot of blame to go around as you probably know, but Ebay has the ability and the resources to stop a lot of it.

I blame Ebay, the buyers, the scammers from Florida and the rest of the "Forgery Industry."

When the EMR team was in place, tons of forgeries were removed, but the problem with them being removed was that Ebay was losing out on a ton of money.

I don't care what Ebay states publicly about why they no longer remove forgeries, but in my opinion, it's all about the dollars.

true and good points.

It's tough to make heads or tails of the crapola

fight the good fight, I guess is all we can do

i miss ya fellas!!!



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