Ebay Seller Racquetcollector 500 Homerun Club Autographed Baseball Forgery Mantle Williams COA Field Of Dreams

Check out this simply ugly set of "500 Homerun Club" forgeries found on Ebay.

The forgeries include Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Frank Robinson, Mike Schmidt, Harmon Killebrew, Ernie Banks, etc.

These are putrid-looking forgeries.

This set of "500 Homerun Club" forgeries is listed by Ebay seller Racquetcollector.

The worthless COA is from Field Of Dreams.

I can count the number of times we have exposed poorly executed forgeries of the original eleven "500 Homerun Club."

Sellers of forgeries list this crap on Ebay because they know the wannabe autograph collectors will bid and buy garbage like this.

Ebay seller Racquetcollector writes "A Field Of Dreams" representative estimated the ball with a worth of $5,000."


Even authentic "500 Homerun Club" autographs on a baseball aren't valued or sell for anywhere near $5,000!!!!

Here is that ugly set of "500 Homerun Club" forgeries listed by Ebay seller Racquetcollector.


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Looks like Ebay seller Racquetcollector re-listed this piece-of-crap "500 Homerun Club" set of ugly forgeries at a lower price in an attempt to get some sucker to bid on this garbage.


How many of these have we seen Christopher? It's sickening!

Disgusting that these sellers aren't booted off Ebay for listing crap like this!!!!




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