Any info on this seller " raritiesagain " ?? Had an Elvis last month that was referenced on the website back about 5 yrs ago as authentic. Sold f/ 810.00, then relisted for non payment.  Also quite a few other...interesting signatures. Any insight appreciated.

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Can't comment on his other items but this "Elvis" is not good IMO...

Thanks for the feedback Don. What makes you think its not good ?? I'm no expert but have been collecting on and off for a couple of decades. The old adage "If you didn't see it signed" is always in the back of my mind, but this one was tough for me. Also this piece appears to be the same one that was called authentic on, though again, its the site's opinion. Ebay used to be a scary place, now its literally frightening !!

I don't like this one either. the handwriting is not typical, nor are the letter formations.

terrier8HOF is correct....this is a pretty good effort to forge the King...and the fact that said it was authentic tells me all I need to know about them...whoever they are...

When this was signed Elvis had been dead for _____ years...

Fill in the blank...

There is no wrong answer...



Thanks for the responses gentleman. I spoke to one of the most highly regarded Elvis authenticators  Rich _______ (fill in the blank) who concurred with your assessments. He stated that it was his belief it was not a "forgery" per se but a secretarial. He said it looked very much like it was signed by Patsy Presley. Again, thank you for your assist.



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