Ebay seller refused to accept a return and then blocked me

i purchased a high dollar item on ebay and when i got the photo, i noticed there was several creases and bends in the photo. i opened a return request with the seller and they declined and closed the return and then blocked me. is there anything i can do to get my money back? i sent the photo back and they received it 

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have you contacted ebay?  I dont how the seller was able to close the request,normally only ebay can do that.  Do you have tracking information? 

Were you approved for the return before you sent it back? Do you have the tracking number for the return?

At this point you probably need to contact ebay. Usually the seller can't just close a request. You are offered the option to escalate the request to ebay if the seller isn't cooperating. Do you have that option?

If it doesn't work out with ebay and you paid by paypal, you might also be able to open a claim through paypal. 

I’m actually in the process of doing a return and getting a refund.

You have to open a request. The seller gets to decide if he wants to accept or decline.

Either way don’t worry if you have even simple evidence, eBay will take your side. They are pro Buyers mostly.

pay pal despute

they may have now changed the rules but  in the past if you open an ebay claim, paypal will not allow you to open a paypal claim.  Hopefully it has changed now but you have on your side the fact that you send the goods back.  The seller cannot keep the goods and your money

2 seperate companies .its harder to wiln if ebay denies u but u can still open a pay pal dispute as the the credit card merchant. but ebay basicly never fails a buyer if u know what ur doing

Yes, you should able to start a dispute with the seller via Ebay's procedures. They are pretty good at refunds if you do this sooner rather than later, but definitely not after 3 months - then you are struggling.

It is best to phone up so the advisor can send you the links to begin a dispute straight away, which leads to a refund. Then it is up to Ebay to chase the seller themselves for the money back if the want to at a later date. 

the seller has the option of accepting a return or declining and in my case they declined. so i just filed a paypal dispute. it's such a hassle to go this route, i don't understand why it's such a big deal to issue a refund. unless the seller already spent the money on something and don't have it. but still..

I didnt realise a seller could chose to decline the return on ebay.  It must be something quite new I assume.    I hope paypal refunds you the money

A seller has 2 options accept or decline , but the claim can only be closed by eBay or the claim initiator , a seller cannot close a claim .

if a seller declines a claim, the initiator can appeal directly to eBay , if the seller does not reply to the claim, after 7 days , you can let EBay decide the outcome but you have no appeal once eBay renders a decision as it’s a final 

Exactly. If the seller declines, you can escalate to ebay if your return reason is that it was damaged or not as described. 

something doesnt ring true here i think were only getting half the story 



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