Ebay Seller Skytrooper1504 Sells Forged Signed Mickey Mantle DiMaggio Photo COA GFA Rocchi

Here's yet another set of forged Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio on a photo with a worthless COA from Stephen Rocchi and John Goraczyk and their Guaranteed Forensic Authenticators (GFA) group.

The below set of Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio forgeries were sold by Ebay seller Skytrooper1504 for a whopping $63.00.

Does the buyer of the below crap really think they got a set of authentic Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio autographs for $63.00.

The people who buy this garbage are delusional autograph collectors.

Since GFA (Stephen Rocchi) started in Sept. 2011, we have yet to see one authentic Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, Willie, Sandy Koufax, etc., with their COA.

Not one.

That's pathetic!!!

Immediately below are links to threads about GFA-certed forgeries.




Ebay, in my opinion, is an "enabler" of this crap because they do nothing about it except profit from the sales of forgeries. 

The people who sell this crap are well aware that Ebay is heavily-populated with wannabe and delusional autograph collectors, and so this garbage continues to be listed and sold on Ebay.

This crap is mass-produced out of "Florida."

Here are those those forgeries of Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio on a photo sold by Ebay seller Skytrooper1504 for a whopping $63.00.


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