Ebay seller superj8 Sells Forged Signed Derek Jeter Baseball COA Not Steiner Sports

Once again I will show just how easy it is to sell forgeries on Ebay (the most dangerous place to buy autographs if you know nothing about autographs).

Check out the below forged Derek Jeter baseball sold by Ebay seller superj8 for $250.00.

According to Ebay seller superj8, the baseball comes with a so-called Steiner Sports hologram and a Major League Baseball (MLB) hologram.

I have no idea how this crap continues!!!

I have posted dozens of other threads on Ebay sellers selling forged Derek Jeter baseballs with so-called Steiner Sports holograms and I have no idea how these sellers get away with this.

First, the forged Derek Jeter baseball.

This is an obvious and laughable forgery.  

This looks like it was penned by a three-year old.

This is a total train wreck.

According to Ebay seller superj8 it also comes with a MLB hologram number "MR453814."

Immediately below is a link to that number.

So how are sellers of this crap getting away with this!!!

With Ebay so heavily-populated with delusional autograph collectors and impulse buyers, it demonstrates how easy it is to sell forgeries on Ebay.

People buy the hologram and not the autograph.

It's also no coincidence that every time I observe a situation like this, the sellers of this crap never have the Steiner Sports COA.

I will continue to expose crap like this and the sellers who list them.

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So, I don’t see an MLB sticker on the ball, are they just piggybacking an existing authentic ball?

Derek, I've added the photo with the so-called MLB hologram.


So what would happen in this instance? Is the seller contacted/confronted on the matter? Is Ebay? I’m just curious, obviously a lot of people if not most, would look at that and it would check off all the boxes to say it looks legit.

I’m guessing the telltale signs that would send up flags are:

- the price?

- the signature itself?

- the quality of the MLB or Steiner stickers?

im genuinely curious for the reasons for the novices.

 Thanks again 

To put it bluntly, that forgery is a train wreck.

The majority of people who buy autographs on Ebay, purchase forgeries, and the sellers of forgeries know that.

Those people buy the hologram, not the autograph.

You can even see how the MLB holo is coming up on the bottom and was obviously transferred from another product.  You are right, the buyers confidence has shifted to a hologram and the name of a company instead of all the tell tale signs and a little knowledge.

I’m no expert by any stretch and I understand that a lot of people are and they know what to look for. But in many cases, not everyone knows what they are looking at and blindly trust what’s being offered. Say my girlfriend knows on a Jeter fan, clicks on this, looks good to her, buys it for my birthday. She doesn’t know any better. Doesn’t have to be your hobby to buy this stuff.

Derek, sellers of forgeries are well aware that Ebay is heavily-populated with impulse buyers and delusional autograph collectors.

Ebay does not, in any way, protect the aforementioned people.

But, at the same time, those same aforementioned people, keep the sellers of forgeries and the flip-scammers in business.

what would help if mlb and stiener had lawyers dealing with ebay like the band phish and dave Mathews does for copywright infringment

I won a 800$ charge back from a ebay seller once he admitted he reproduce the artwork himself. and I was able to keep the itiem



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