Ebay Seller NJBC using my "proof photo" of Brian Wilson signature BAS certified....


It appears that our friend NJBC that we discussed awhile back for having BAS certified products (as a few Paul McCartney's that we questioned) he also was at a time in consignment of a few high profile items by a serious collector. 

Well it appears he is using a "proof photo" of mine from my blog of meeting Brian Wilson. The funny part is it is a photo of Al signing (the Pet Sounds he is selling is only Brian Wilson) and Brian didn't even sign my Pet Sounds then. I purchased my Pet Sounds signed by Brian from Perry Cox. I then added Mike and Bruce then Al. You can read about it on my blog here. 


Why he would want to use my photo I can speculate, but funny that you can probably make out the Mike Love signature in my photo and clearly Al is just about to sign...Yet you are using proof for a Brian Wilson solo signed Pet Sounds? 

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Yep, quite right, very pathetic and sad. There is only one proof here, and that is he got his hand caught in the cookie jar and it may have finally hurt his reputation. 

It's too bad there isn't a reply function on ebay so people can post comments on a product. This would surely do substantial damage to the scammers.

And or create huge arguments ha haa... jeez, I can see the train wreck

The fact that he went ahead and actually printed off the photo to send out is real slimey, he will probably still send it out too.

It is such a crappy graph too...May be fake. Not sure exactly why BAS would authenticate it other then maybe a friendship or he showed "proof". That is purely speculation. 

It makes me 2nd guess sharing photos or my graphs, still it at least is shows what lengths these sellers will go to scam people. 

The guy obviously is a volume dealer for BAS who has no standards these days. Steve Grad and BAS are the new GA. Watch how much bad stuff they authenticate drastically continue to flood the market.

How do you know the Beckett COA and sticker aren’t photoshopped? 


The photos you posted is tiny and blurry. There's no way to tell anything about the autograph or the COA. Is that the only photo they posted besides the "proof" photo?

If you go to the ebay page now. It is just the album and the BAS cert. Unfortunately he took down the image with my photo before i took the screen shot. (this was luckily in my email correspondence in ebay when i sent him a link to my post)

You still can't read the cert number on the ebay sale now either. 

Adam,  I missed that you posted a link, sorry. I've got a large image now. Thanks

Not sure if this is any better then my screenshot with the proof photo. Still I will post it. 

According to RACC, eBay seller NJBC is Seth Vogel and he was just booted from the RACC for stealing proof photos.


ive had so many of mine stolen I stopped caring years ago,i rather interact directly with the buyer and tell them the back story.

a few years ago, you used to be able to contact a bidder or buyer on ebay, but Ebay stopped that.  



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