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Sadly just noticed that I missed this - did anyone manage to get one? I believe they sold out in the last few minutes. 

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Was travelling when this pop up and couldn't grab one myself V_V They look really nice indeed

I hope Warner shipped these via FedEx like they did with Griff stuff so that they're in the US faster. 

Did anybody get an extra that they might be willing to sell for a reasonable price? Would greatly appreciate it

I have a spare, are there any trades out there?

Message me

Anyone who already received theirs, were these shipped from Germany for some reason?

Nope, don’t think so

mine were dispatched from the UK and arrived the next day - the day of release 

Okay, thanks guys. I have a small in-bound package from Germany, and I think this is the only international preorder that I don't have a tracking number for, so I was wondering if it might've been this.

Mine came from the UK. It took a little longer to arrive as I had to pay VAT and import handling due to the new EU import regulations starting July 1st. 

The return address printed on the envelope is in Estonia for some reason.

Looks like mine was routed through Germany before it finally got to me.  Like @Jor-El, I had to pay import handling fee due to new EU import regulations. Silly how the fee for that was more expensive than the actual item.

Back in stock


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