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yep def autographolholics for sure! You're so lucky to have a Jimmy Page, could you maybe post it for us to see nick? Also I'd love to hear the background on it. Thank you


Yes, sure no great story in meeting him I’m afraid I bought it from his Web store 3 years ago. 
It was one of 156 LP’s both he and his partner signed.

Thanks for posting Nick, well done getting one of the limited 156, and for 250 GBP that's a steal. I've been thinking about buying one of the limited edition prints at Jimmy's store, but can't justify the $1,500 Canadian dollars.

Nice, curious though, do you remember how long it took to sell out? If he releases another item cheap enough, it would be tempting

I have lots of Robbie Williams autographs going back to his Take That days including cds, vinyls, promo posters & photographs, books and even a signed football.

Why has this thread suddenly turned into “how many and who do you have autographs of?” 

Maybe start another thread for his ?

certainly is cheap enough for his "E-scribble", 

Almost too many signed Sheeran things out there at this point- I miss his actual full signature, which I have signed on his first CD, but that's like a lot of bigger name artists anymore.  

Ed be like:

"scribble ES, that's one, scribble ES, that's 2, scribble ES, that's 3...scribble ES, that's 1000..."



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