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Very cool.  Thanks for the post!

no problem, thanks to damageinc777 for tipping me off that it was coming. finally bought one I will actually listen to lol. a pretty impressive list of musicians he has playing on the album including Taylor Hawkins RIP

Got mine today, thanks again for posting!

Rock legend! Kinda bums me out that there are only a couple comments on here for Johnny. I guess he doesn't have enough twitter or tik tok followers(eye roll) 

Agreed, just snagged one. No brainer, thanks for the tip!

Got a huge Johnny Winter fan here.  I discovered him when I was a junior in high school [long, long time ago].  I was lucky enough to see him 10 or 12 times through out the years.  Every show I saw, he always stayed after to sign autographs.  Last time I saw Johnny was in 2013 at Club Red in Mesa AZ.  They had to help him onto stage and he sat in a chair center stage the entire show.  However, that did not slow down his guitar.  This is my favorite Johnny Winter autograph which was from the Mesa show.  As bad as he was feeling, he stayed until the last person in line got an Autograph.  Nobody plays the slide like Johnny!  I miss you Johnny…

Big fan. Saw him three times. Last time, they had to walk him to the stage and sit him on a chair. He did a song I love, don't know. I think a cover. It goes " I went to a party..." and had this smokin' riff. ANybody know that tune? Anyway, I used my press credentials to get backstage and ended up on the tour bus. He smoked a joint the size of his arm, signed a few albums for me (one already signed by Edgar). And some idiot had a guitar and about 20 items that kept bugging him. A nice guy. Nice signature. He was truly underrated.

I believe the song you’re thinking of is called “She Likes to Boogie Real Low”.

For those bemoaning the lack of comments on this thread, consider the fact that TalkShopLive don’t ship outside of the United States.  Their policy essentially excludes potential customers like me.  I am aware I could use a proxy shipping service, but it adds an extra layer of expense and complication that I could do without, so I’m going to pass on this CD and TalkShopLive will miss out on a potential sale.

YES!!!!! That's the song! I've thought about this song for two decades, and now I finally got to hear the original from 1957 (from another Texas guitar slinger). Thank you, Stepeanut. You rock.

Happy to help, Josh.

Enjoy :-)

Thanks! Watching him play Frankenstein was one of the coolest things ever to witness. 



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