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ok, thanks for the explanation and don't get me wrong but for a full autograph it looks to rushed and that's why i did have doubts. good luck and best wishes from rob.

You too thank you Rob... And I can understand your point of view I really can. I can tell you this much that I also did a lot of homework on it and her early work was very similar to this one and it does look a little rushed but actors are sometimes caught in different extremes when writing any signature you should see a signature that my brother got from Harrison Ford coming out of an elevator. I couldn't make heads or tails out of it and neither would you all guys because it was nothing like what he writes but it was in a hurry. I mean he scribbled like and the worst way possible. Nothing like what I see in the exemplars nothing. Sometimes we have to take the word of another person there's no other way to do it because no autograph unless written or signed in front of you is 100% true none not even through PSA or whoever. So all of the rest are 99%, if that LOL. But thank you for your opinion I appreciate it I really do

Rob, you should see some of the Marilyns in the collection. Have you seen the website? I think you'll love it:

these autographs looks great and i was right about autograffiti and is kammie the owner of that site?i like some autographed items but to expencive comparing with other authentic items of the same celebrity's.

No I just buy from them.

That's why I'm not afraid of buying from them because they even have a letter that says 99.9% of everything that they signed was in person. I'm not going to doubt them I think their legacy depends largely on truth.

You have to trust them Steve. They are better than PSA

Oh definitely I recognized it was rushed and a heartbeat but the fact is this is more like a vintage because she doesn't sign with two names anymore in other words not the whole first and last name she just puts an E and an L and that's it. 



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