Elizabeth Taylor: Opinions please (Latin American magazine examples 9 and 10)

Picking up the "autographs dedicated to Latin American magazines" theme again, here are two Elizabeth Taylor's for comment. Even though Taylor certainly had secretaries sign for her over the years, I think these are real:

I posted some other Taylor's in a Joe W. thread five years ago. Some of these were also dedicated to Latin American magazines. I got no negative feedback on any of them at the time. Here is the link:

Elizabeth Taylor. Would like your opinions. - Autograph Live (autog...


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A pug called eva, in my humble opinion both Taylors you posted are not hers. The "1949" autograph isn't right, and your second photo does not have the right characteristics. 

I can see where you are coming from on the 1949 signature, David. I'll try to do some more digging on that one and the other, which is stamped 1958.

The autographed photos you've posted look like the stuff from Florida.

Vintage wire photos signed in fountain pen, typically personalized to foreign press, such as; "Cinelandia", "Filmlandia", etc.  I was sucked in and bought quite a few items - as they started to fail PSA, and Beckett, I successfully returned all the stuff without problems. I still watch their listings and have noticed certain characteristics within all the autographs that confirmed my beliefs.

Do you believe that the "Florida photos" are secretarials or forgeries and do you believe that any of the Florida photos are good?

I'm on the side that they are blatant forgeries. Having seen these photos popping up quite a bit over the years, I do have to say that it has stuck in my mind that the forger of these has had uncanny ability to make the signatures look old. No wonder folks have been duped by them.



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