Can anyone confirm if they think this is genuine. I have seen so many variations Of Elton Johns signature that it is difficult to confirm. It came with a load of other signed pop memorabilia that I am convinced are genuine but this one is a little tricky

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looks bogus to me.
I was a bit dubious as the 'j' in the ones I have seen are more flamboyant
im basing off the fact that red piano is about 10 years ago and I don't see Elton signing like this these days. It's been the more fluent style with the pen not leaving the page.. I may be wrong but that's my reasonong
Thanks for your help
I got him personally three times between 2006 and now and I know a couple people who got him in the last few years and it's always one continual movement of the pen.

I'm sure others have studied his autograph more than me so others might chime in but I just know from my experience..

Here's one signed Feb 2015 hmv Oxford street

Thanks all, I think we can safely say this is a dud
Sorry, this is not real.
Here is one of my many Elton autographs from the man himself.
I have 4 examples of Elton I have... I don't know how to upload pics as a reply :/



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