Jumped on this one like I'd been shot after missing on Grohl yesterday.

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Wow you scored a full name signed cd.. ive only seen a few of those. Was that one a purchase from a reseller or are all of these direct purchases?. Im really curious to know what your contact at Beckett says. Im not a fan of the gold marker lockdowns, and the ones on the Lipa cd are all pretty sloppy, but the autographs are pretty consistent on what everyone else received. 

Has anyone seen one of these authenticated by Beckett out in the wild yet? 

From my research, notning that I’ve seen 

I've seen a couple of rhe elton xmas ones on ebay that are authenticated by psa

The non-full signatures were purchased from his site, but I was so intrigued by the full signature that I bought it on eBay. 

I’ve seen a ton of these authenticated by PSA and JSA… but none by Beckett. What also is interesting, they denied the Dua Lipa signature as well…

Just out of curiosity, I sent that photo of my three Elton signatures to PSA/DNA for a quick opinion… and they also said “not likely genuine”. I know it’s only a quick opinion, but still…

I find it hilarious that I’m seeing several on eBay that were authenticated by PSA…

I was thinking about purchasing a full signature one as well for a while. Decided against it. I do not believe I've ever seen any of these pass a quick opinion. You may have to send it in. Im in the same boat and would love to have some authenticated, but for now, its probably best to sit on these for a while until they get this figured out on their end. They can't authenticate some and not others. Unless someone helped Elton sign a bunch, but I do not see any evidence of that

I agree with you all both fronts, I think the quick opinion is a scam… and I should probably wait a bit to send one in. I might send my full signature in because I’m impatient. 



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