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Available from Selfridges Corner Shop this Friday - not clear if they’ll be on the website also but assuming this is London in store only

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Looking at the receipts on ebay - some of the flippers were literally next to each other - transactions at 10:45 and 10:46 - probably a group of flippers together - maybe even a flipper family - a truly flippers' paradise. You can also tell that one flipper - "joyce" managed to get two - one at 10:51 - second at 10:53. Same Card. That would be a super quick transition - Harry Potter Style! More than 10% of the records are already on ebay. What a shameful practice this is. Next time I may go and take photos and create flippers' wall of shame.

It was dreadful there, absolutely dreadful.  

I had to endure that scum of people behaving like idiots in the queue. You can easily tell them apart. It also looked to me there were homeless people in the queue. They were probably working for the scummy flippers.

I think most went to real fans though. Word got out within Elton John Fans' circles that Selfridges were handing wristbands last night.

I think Selfridges organised it very well though. I felt bad for staff that had to deal with very unreasonable people.

I didn't get one and I am fine with it. It's just a signature.

Flippers: Get a job. Be decent.

They didn't organise it at all! There were well over a hundred people queuing for hours and nobody, not one staff member said, oh yeah, if you don't have a wristband you're not getting in, as they obviously gave out all 100 last night. 

I also find it hard to believe that they went to fans, cos all I saw were the same kinda gangs who wait for the latest sneaker drop. There was so many of them and they all knew each other! It was way too coordinated. I saw maybe a handful of people who looked like fans. 90% of them were there for the easy score and they knew it. 

The wristband thing the night before was poor form. I expect to see almost all of them on eBay. There's no other way.

Selfridges' staff were pretty clear to me when they said there was only one queue, the wristband's, and they were all taken. The rest of us assumed we could try our luck for any leftovers from no shows. Just because they showed up, some felt entitled they could moan and push their way in.

The problem is that some people want a f* ing scribbled paper so much that they can't accept they won't get it and become very unreasonable, just like toddlers.

There were flipper gangs indeed that behaved like scum, but my perception is that most people with a wristband were decent Elton John fans that happened to collect a wristband at the right time.

On the bright side, based on his signing habits over the last two years, I have no doubt that EJ will keep signing for years to come, thus eventually flooding the market and driving prices down long term. He’s not going to crawl into a hole and disappear. Let the flippers hoard - if you know where to look you can find a nice EJ at a reasonable price. My 2 cents.

Not sure that most went to fans as already 34 are on ebay being sold for astronomical prices. Scum of the earth.

There you go. I call BS on the 'decent Elton John fans'. I saw maybe two. The rest looked like they'd taken the day off school or were in professional flipper gangs. For that many to end up on eBay it had to be a scam or someone being tipped off. I've queued for a lot of different things in my time but this was something else. 

Don't hate the player, hate the game.

I've had to deal with plenty of dumb behavior in signing lines before -- people who skip to the front by faking injuries, people who trash-talk celebrities and make it all but clear that they won't do anything except flip the product, people who get away with ignoring guidelines to bring extra stuff in to get signed.

Point is, you give people an inch, they'll take a mile. When you accept that, life gets a lot easier.

If you want to blame someone, blame the record shop and Elton's management, who organized the whole thing in the first place. On paper, it sounded like a recipe for disaster -- only sign 100 copies, knowing that there's going to be resale interest, then leak/publicize it through groups the night before and try some half-hearted wristband system, knowing that the only people out there who are willing to line up for it will be the predatory ones.

Yeah, looks like I had the wrong perception then. Perhaps because most people with a wristband behaved like adults, unlike the others. Either that or the market is flooded with fakes.

It had to be a flippers paradise in there, huge walruses flopping their bulbous bodies towards the register shoving any man, woman, or child aside with loud grunts and groans, their beady little eyes feverish with the smell of blood in the water and a nice bucket of chum to fill their hungry stomachs. Flippers high fiving each other, leaving only a path of slime and destruction as witness to the hideous beasts. I'm sure some were nice people though... :-) 

I wouldn't be able to describe it any better. That's exactly how it felt.


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