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Very happy to get a fairly legible signature from EC today.

Nice! They've not shipped my Overseas order yet!!!!

When was yours shipped and i'm assuming you're in the US?

It was shipped Monday from Indiana. I was a little concerned when my credit card was charged by a company called Secord City Prints. With the Ozzy and Chrissie Hynde auto penned signature controversy, I worried that maybe EC had joined the faker fold, but this appears to be authentic, or at least doesn't have the tell-tale autopen dots. I'd like to think EC is above that, but I kinda thought that of Chrissie, too. Yes, I am in Boston. 

Damn, I didn’t realise it was second city prints, I have 2 x Chrissie Hynde fake auto pens and Ozzies LPs 12” prints  I got from the UK so are allegedly legit, I ordered 2 to compare so will let you know when they arrive. 

Second City prints also handled such artists as Billy Gibbons and Doja Cat, and those were fine. It's the artist/management that tends to be the problem, not necessarily the vendor.

Good to know. Thanks, I'm brand new to this forum, but been collecting for 25 years. 

I’m in the UK. Mine was dispatched 16th Nov and it appears is now in the UK (with customs officials currently checking it no doubt!) Second City emailed notifying me, together with tracking info.

Here is mine I received yesterday from Second City Prints.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Very nice! And very different from mine. He is still signing them by hand! God bless Elvis Costello!

where can I order one??? I love EC

His official store had the new Hey Clockface as well as Look Now as signed CD or LP options...

I just checked, i think all the Hey Clockface Signed Options are Sold Out, there are a few Signed options on Look now though



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