Hi members. I'm new here and find this site interesting and education. Entertaining as well! I've already posted a discussion question and received feedback so I'm thankful for that. I just finished reading the 17 page discussion titled Elvis Presley - 5 x 7 signed expert opinions?. Yes, all 17 pages, Lol. I have an Elvis Presley autograph that I question if it's real or not but rather than having that topic be revisited again, I want to take what I learned from that discussion (and the advise given) and to contact either Rich Consola or Roger Epperson and pay to obtain their opinion. I did locate Roger's website but no luck on Rich's. Can someone give me his contact info? Thanks, Phil

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rfconsola@roadrunner.com.  He is the authority on Elvis as he only studies him.  

Thanks Michelle!

Phil, ALL 17 pages ?  I'm impressed.  Yes, that was my discussion and, obviously, it went sideways...  Would love to see your autograph and know the results of your investigation.  The more opinions the "merrier" !   Thanks

Rfitzz, sideways, huh? Lol. Yes I guess you could say that it did towards the end but since I'm new here and don't know everybody yet I'm just gonna sit back and observe, take some notes and hopefully learn a thing or two. I bought my beautiful "in concert" Elvis signed photo from Encore Autographs. It had been a dream of mine, and most likely an unattainable one, to have something of Elvis' signed until I saw that this site had a 1/2 off sale. So with just a little bit of research on Elvis' autograph and a few "dos & don'ts" I made the purchase WITHOUT doing any research on Encore Autographs. My bad because that's when the news starting coming my way and it wasn't so good. And PLEASE, don't anybody in here judge me! I was naive and in fact I think it was at that time in my research that I'd actually stumbled upon this site. I had no idea that there was an avenue/outlet for collectors, from novice to advanced, to communicate with and get opinions on autographs. So that's good to know moving forward. I'm hopeful but doubtful that mine is real, given the source but I'm definitely looking forward to an expert opinion. 

No worries, no judgement here, we've all been there.  Elvis is a tough one but maybe you'll get lucky.  At least if you post it, there will be many knowledgeable opinions.  Good luck and please let me know the outcome.  Also, can you get your money back if not satisfied ?  would love to know...

Hi Phil,

Before spending $35 having Phil look at your Elvis, you probably should find out if you're throwing good money after bad. Here's an Elvis from Encore Autographs they're asking $60 for:

I don't think there's even the slimmest of chances that Elvis signed this one. I browsed their site and didn't find one autograph that I thought had a chance.

They had things like John Belushi for about $110. If it was real you could make a thousand on it easily.

I looked at their return policy and they'll only take something back if they want to. I'm pretty sure they won't.

When did you buy it and how did you pay for it?

Steve - I don't know if I love ya or hate ya right now! I took my Elvis "signed" photo out from it's safe kept space and guess what the autograph resembles . . . . . just like the one you posted. I mean totally, exactly and perfectly. You could literally place one over the other and it would match up perfectly.

So thanks for saving me the extra costs. I don't have any faith in them accepting returns unless I did follow thru and got prove that it was fake. But even with that they probably won't. So thanks again - I see no need to pursue this.


That very much resembles the copied Elvis signature from the show scarfs which were massed produced.

The one in your post Steve is a copy of a signature Elvis did sign which was to be used as a copy and paste signature for a range of merchandise.

Yes, agreed Don.

Phil, at least make an attempt to get a refund...if you make enough noise and promise them aggravation, they may give it to just get rid of you.  Threaten with Better Business Bureau, websites, etc.  Don't let these guys get away with it !!!

Thanks Rftizz. Heard and I'll give it some consideration.




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