Greetings on this fine Sunday afternoon! I have a chance to buy an Elvis Presley autograph and would like some opinions on the autograph and as I haven’t heard of Robin also if her stuff is legit. Seems pretty good to me but that’s why I have you guys ha ha. Thanks in advance for opinions. 

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In my opinion, this Autograph was never given to her in May 1976 by Elvis in person. Maybe a friend or bodyguard signed it backstage for her. But for sure not Elvis. My advice, better stay away from it. Greetings back on this Sunday evening. 

Sadly this lady has used her association with Elvis - more so his underlings - to profit and not in a good way.

She has sold numerous questionable items over the years. 

I've dealt with her long ago and although she didn't do me any harm I saw her cheat others.

Many others.

Steer clear of this offering from her because it is not genuine and always ask others here before you purchase anything from her.

Sad but true.

Very sad story Don. Thank you for sharing it with us. 

Wow, ok thank you both of you. I am so glad I posted this here because sometimes you never know. Really appreciate the opinions. 

agree with everyone here.

Yes, I've seen this before. Lucy's daughter and Mickey Deans on eBay, and the old guy selling things he cliams were Bruce Lee's. He just died a while back. Deans died in 2003.


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