Do you think that the attached photograph of an Elvis signature I recently purchased is genuine or a fake.  I was told it was written July 20th 1975 at the Scope Convention Centre, although I have no proof of this. 

I do know that the COA that came with it means nothing.

Would be glad of your opinions. 

Thank you.

Diane UK


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I understand, but never state what you don't know as fact. There is a reason why Roger Epperson is used by most authentication services.

Read these links: 


Epperson has no lawsuits against him for selling forgeries. He's top-notch on Elvis Presley. One person was talking about filing one years ago and may have, related to a Led Zeppelin band-signed album that was clearly good. But the situation was dropped and the person sold the album for at least $16,000. The person bought it from Roger for $10,000-$12,000 (I think $10,000), so he made great money on it.

Ask the dealer about Rich Consola. He specializes in authenticating Elvis Presley and is highly respected throughout the legitimate autograph community. 

Nothing against Skip Hensel at all, but I've never heard that he was a third-party authenticator. In any case, as far as I know his field of interest is primarily US history.

Diane, I don't know who you bought that autograph from but it is a terrible forgery in my opinion. I wouldn't give it one chance in a million of being real.

Did you pay by regular PayPal or bank card? If you did you should be protected.

Sorry you're going through this. We'll help you if you want.

Probably just about every reputable authenticator has a lawsuit against it.  It’s kind of the nature of an unscientific business where lots of gray area exists.

What I was trying to say one bats 100% in this hobby.  Even the best make mistakes.  Mistakes leave unhappy customers, and unhappy customers sometimes litigate.

I really wish people would learn to post photos and not attachments.

If you're going to get FREE opinions, then please make it easy for the members to opine by posting a photo and not an attachment.

Diane, you asked for opinions and you got them.  the final decision is yours. Trashing Roger Epperson is not going to help you come to the right conclusion on this forgery.


+1 Try to get your money back and look for another -and this time real- Elvis. Good luck. 

Thanks Karsten

Why do you say I am trashing Roger Epperson all I doing is repeating what I was told by the Company I bought the item from and from what I read on google I would certainly not criticise someone I have never met, you can only go by what you can read about them.   And yes I am glad of everyones opinions otherwise I would not have asked for them thank you very much.  

doesn't it make sense that the company selling you the forgery would try to discredit someone that would expose them?

Probably but have you also read what it says on Google.  Seems to me it is very hard to find anyone that would be totally genuine in this area of expertise.  In the end you will never know for sure if any signature is genuine or fake, unless it was actually written for yourself by the actual person in front of you.



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