Here is what appears to be, a very nice Elvis signature. Since Elvis isn't something that I deal a lot with, I need Opinions from those that really do, know his Autograph. Thanks as always....

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Are you sure this one is authentic Don? 

There's one main  thing I look for and this one doesn't have it

But the German forger always has it

You can pm me if you want

But ya... The To Judy does look very similar 

I'm comfortable with it 'cat

There's plenty  "correct" about it if you know what I mean

I'm not certain I would have made a concerted effort to own it

But our friend Tim G bought it & is happy with it

So I'm happy for him

Ok cool my friend 

I think a lot of people who know Elvis will think it's good and they may be right. I just don't think it is.

I only just heard back from Roger, on the Elvis. Here's what he has to say:


Roger Epperson <>
Wed 11/7/2018, 11:17 AM


Coming from Roger, Nice says a whole lot! Thanks for everyone's Help and Opinions.

Thanks for the update Tim. Glad you were able to get in touch with Roger.  

Are you buying/bidding on this one this one then?


I purchased it here recently.

this is a tough one. the inscription looks spot on.  There are a couple of things that might be concerning with the signature.  I am 100% certain that I'm just not sure!

Sometimes he slashed his "i" in Elvis , he usually didnt dot the "i"

Is it similar to example h ?

I think it might be a very good forgery but no expert on EP

Id say 60% real so Im on the fence on this one

Tim -- are you saying you bought it from a member of this board recently?

No, not on here.... Recently meaning- in the last week. Sorry..


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