Here is what appears to be, a very nice Elvis signature. Since Elvis isn't something that I deal a lot with, I need Opinions from those that really do, know his Autograph. Thanks as always....

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I'm comfortable with it 'cat

There's plenty  "correct" about it if you know what I mean

I'm not certain I would have made a concerted effort to own it

But our friend Tim G bought it & is happy with it

So I'm happy for him

Ok cool my friend 

I think a lot of people who know Elvis will think it's good and they may be right. I just don't think it is.

Thanks for the update Tim. Glad you were able to get in touch with Roger.  

Are you buying/bidding on this one this one then?


this is a tough one. the inscription looks spot on.  There are a couple of things that might be concerning with the signature.  I am 100% certain that I'm just not sure!

Sometimes he slashed his "i" in Elvis , he usually didnt dot the "i"

Is it similar to example h ?

I think it might be a very good forgery but no expert on EP

Id say 60% real so Im on the fence on this one

Tim -- are you saying you bought it from a member of this board recently?

O.K. thanks.

Did you see the example "To Judy" I posted on page one?

So very similar if you look closely...





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