I am a beginner autograph collector and I made the mistake of purchasing autographs from Encore Autographs, or www.encoreautographs.com.

Their autographs are totally fake. I even had them appraised at PSA DNA to confirm. The ink was still wet on their posters so I assume they sign them themselves.

The autographs were for my son for his birthday.

I just want to make people aware of this company and to avoid them.

Thank you.


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They don't even show photos of their items with signatures on them? Why would you ever buy autographs without ever seeing them?
Hi there , by the supposed whom were the autographs of that you bought for the son ?
How long ago did you purchase from them ?

Welcome and sorry this happened to you. Having a son myself I hate to hear this stuff. Please don't let this experience put you off. If its not too long ago and you charged it ,contact them and ask for a refund and go to your card company and tell them you will not pay for it. They do claim a lifetime guarantee. Another slick website with cast posters and all the stars, beware of crap like this. Good luck.

I just checked out the Encore site and they don't seem to even try. Odd pricing, too, that doesn't make much sense. And they don't mention anything about them even being real autographs! No reference to any organizations. We all know COAs don't mean much of anything, but they don't even attempt to offer any thing about them being authentic signatures. Now, with the internet there are ways to at least try and see if autographs look anywhere near "real" ones, such as old checks, etc. is there anything ever done to call people on there phony baloney fakes? BBB? Although it seems, from what I saw, Encore doesn't claim anythings real, anyway.
My bad! I now see they do claim that they're real! Although none look real! And they send COA with them, too!

Thanks for all your responses. I am in the process of contacting my credit card company as Ian suggested.

I wonder is there any way to warn people about this site so it doesn't happen to anyone else? Other than the BBB.

Thanks again!

Good luck, Stay on it , don't let them discourage you and let us know what happens. Just by posting this, when people google this they will see the reputation this seller is getting.

I bought 5 items from the seller STELLAJP who owns and runs encore autographs off of eBay and I got all my money back! They sold me a Kurt Cobain, Chris Farley, Bill Murray, Seymour Hoffman and Vincent price for 200$

I noticed a lot of new listings from this seller today. Specifically Stevie Nicks autographs which are very obviously phony. The autographs from Stevie in my collection were obtained face to face and she is pretty consistent with little variation. Its sad to see that from the feedback they have had A LOT of "satisfied" customers. Ebay doesn't seem to mind. People need to do more research. Even with a COA all you would have is an authentic certified piece of trash. Posted examples. The Real one is from my personal collection obtained 12/04/15 @ The Grove in Los Angeles.


I purchased several items from Encore Autographs only to have a third party verify they were forgeries. Tried contacting JP the contact person I dealt with only to be ignored and my phone number blocked. I contacted my bank and submitted my proof of item forgeries and was able to get a case started.

Today I see he has charged the same credit card double the original amount, so he saves credit card information. Fortunately the bank still has my proof of forgeries on file.

I am contacting the Better Business Bureau and filing a police report in the county he does business out of. This company needs to be shut down.



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