I got it as my birthday present,seens im the biggest fan. My friends bought it for me, so i don't know the price they payed. Is it real? Thank yoy

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Yes,my friend!:) my husband was a hockey player and he knows him:) he lives 15 min from my village, in Hrusica ! I have a few his authographs as well :) at least they are real. 

That’s really cool Iryna! He’s one of my favorite players on my favorite NHL team!

I actually have had the luck to get my hands on a genuine Freddie! You’re welcome to have a look if interested:


Lovely peace!! You are lucky

Thank you, glad to hear you liked it! Please let us know if you find a genuine one yourself!

I still have this fully signed programme with a beautiful Freddie signature if interested?


You can’t go wrong with Richard either, really great and honest guy!

Thank you, much appreciated Cogo!

cogo is correct , Richard is honest and very helpful  

if you buy from him you are getting a good item and a good deal

i have purchased from him 

Indeed, Richards signed item is genuine and I can also say hes a trusted seller

Both Richard's and Innuendo's words get my attention.

Thank you kindly Eric.

Thank you Innuendo!



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