Hey Eric Clapton fans out there!

Tried to get an in-person autograph from Mr. Slowhand on May 31st after his concert here in Stuttgart/Germany. Tracked him down at the backstage area. Saw him get into a Mercedes S-Class limousine leaving the grounds. Ran towards the car which had to stop twice (gate/stop light) and begged him to lower his tinted window and sign for me. Waved with the concert ticket and a photo - but no reaction.

This was very disappointing - he seems to be very difficult to get these days. Maybe he - like Paul McCartney - stopped signing due to his age of 77...?!?

So, friends, as I was not successful in person I went home and looked at an autograph I bought years ago from a British dealer (AFTAL approved dealer 110).

What do you think? Authentic or not? Yet it has a full name signature which does not seem to be common these days.

Many thanks in advance for any comment you may have.

Have a great weekend


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Sorry, that is not real at all.

Thanks, Richard, for your honest opinion! Although it kind of hurts, I appreciate it very much.

However, it seems that sometimes the slant in his signature leans towards the right side - please have a look e.g. at https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/eric-clapton-autographed-8x1... or https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/103144342_autograph-signed-eri....

You think there is no chance at all of it being authentic? Signed in a rush?

My best, Markus

Hi Markus, Unfortunately this is 100% not real at all.

Sincerely, Richard.

100% not authentic. Sorry. 

Thank you Richard and A.B. for your answers...

It is really sad and disappointing. All the joy this wonderful hobby once brought to me is being shattered more and more. You have a hard time getting someone to sign in person (and all you might get is a scribble rather than a signature), you don't know what you get through the mail and if you buy something from "respected dealers" in good faith it turns out more and more that they just cheat you...

Anyhow - thanks, I appreciate your time and effort!

Best regards



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