we have found a number of autographs in this estate we are selling!

wanting opinions before listing for sale.

 thanks, jc

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I hate to say it but that doesn't look real to me.

I agree, unfortunately.

All the autographs from this estate are not real at all, sorry.

Again, from what I've seen, I agree completely with you, Richard.

I knew straight away from the B.B. King item.

hi richard

 i am new to your forum and appreciate any and all input.

this estate of 10k items was old antique dealers who bought and sold for 50 years

yes, all autographs are from one estate but were found and bought over many years  from different sorces.

i am hoping one bogus magazine would not taint you opinion about all of my listings.

sincerely, jc

I don't think any of us would do that. Just of the few I've looked at are not authentic. I hoping some will get better responses. You are doing the right thing. It's better to know even when the results isn't what is hoped. I've been there and thanks to a lot of very knowledgeable members here, I am a better collector.

I'm not seeing anything authentic from the collection either. I agree with you Richard and Joe.

There "might" be hope for the Zappa though. I stress "might"



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