Eric K. Longo Not Available for Evaluations or Much of Any Opinions Until Further Notice...

Hi Friends,

To those writing me about Bowie or anything else (as with anything, try the search engine please for the Bowie "Reality" CD in question in the BST forum as there is already a thread I started about it when I helped TheThinWhiteDuke (Milwal I believe at the time) obtain it and I and MarkG rendered opinions already posted); any others please direct questions of authenticity or value to Andy @ or MarkG, and those who know I am in great stress, please - I will not be doing much of anything right now for reasons explained to some in PM, so please do not write for such things at this time. To those who are aware of the situation, please do not discuss it in any detail in this venue or any other online. It is a personal matter. I am "OK" but struggling severely. I am not ill or anything like that. Please respect these wishes. Thank you very much for your understanding. :)


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thanks for all be good

Good Luck, hope all turns out well.  Looking forward to seeing you back here.  All the best...

Eric, thank you for all that you do! Best wishes to you in all things.

To everyone who has posted, to all who have messaged or written or even just thought of me, I send my deepest and most sincere appreciation for your thoughts, words, prayers and support. It was and is very helpful and meaningful to me. I thank you.

Bless you Eric, hope to see you back some day

All the best to you Eric.

God Bless, and take care!

Thank you again, All. I now have both less and a lot more going on, but I will pop in as time allows because I need a break when I can get it. It won't be much...for now. 

Eric...please stay as serene as you are on AML and i hope all will turn out great for you.  i must say AML would not be the same or as wonderful without your input.......carl....

Dear Eric

I truly hope you get things sorted. Thanks for all your unstinting help and support to people on this forum. I am sure you have saved people $000's. Here's to better days soon. M


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