Fake Led Zeppelin Fully signed album up to $7000 on Ebay now with over 100 bids! (sold for $14,911)


Same seller also has a fake fully signed Pink Floyd LP and a Queen with Bowie signed LP. 

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Only 3 bidders total. Two with feedback under 20.

Interesting indeed ;)

I have seen this happen all too often.  The seller sets it up to draw attention with no bids coming from real buyers.  It’s as if they are trying to make others think they are selling legit items and are setting it up to sell other forgeries.

You're very right, Steve!!!

It sold for $14,911.

But is that real? "Winner" has zero feedback, 157 bids among 3 bidders and a single bid from another earlier on? Didn't Bruce say the zero feedback bidder has only ever placed bids on one item - on this auction? The "runner up" has placed 91% of his bids with this same seller? I dunno - grain of salt time for me. It doesn't look natural.

Probably all the high bids are from shill bidders -- I can't imagine anyone paying that much for an obvious fake with no LOA -- although stranger things have happened. 

Could be shill.

Press Pass does this all the time.  Something sells for a rediculous price, no reserve, then you see it up for sale again and again.  

many company's have fake bidders to get the selling price as high as possible...but i know others who are 100% honest. when i bid on 0,99 starting bid items and within a few seconds others outbid me i let it go and never bid again or want anything to do with seller.

Thought the group may be interested in this correspondence with the seller.  Coward definitely knew it was fake




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