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what autograph is who’s?




Thanks! Man it is annoying that they pull on this scribbling crap! Seriously what the hell? They should SIGN IT properly

Very true, im always annoyed by scribbles as well. Ive had too many surprises over the years where now, I always make sure I know what signatures look like before purchasing preorders. I knew what I was getting with this one, aside from the 1 signature missing..

I proposed to my wife while in Chicago, fireworks going off and Patrick Stumps "This City" playing in the background. The song was just coincidence but it became a huge part of the moment. My friend was there to record it all.. Patrick Stump was always on my bucket list since then. One of the very few I would purchase regardless of what his signature looks like. Although the reason I never pulled the trigger on ebay with a better item is because of his signature.. so I guess I still have limits. It was either retail or nothing for him

What an amazing story, well if the band is that kinda huge in your life you may consider getting a signed print from soundwaves, i have one from David Byrne and it seriously looks amazing, they are pricier but the quality is unmatched

not sure if they are there because I keep getting kicked back to the U.S. site immediately but I see people tweeting that they are buying the Cd with a signed art card in the UK store if anyone is still looking, it is UK only though

Thanks Joel - managed to get a signed cd at the UK store

looks like the UK exclusive has alternative cover art....

UK Exclusive Signed So Much (For) Stardust Alt Sleeve CD | Fall Out...

thank u!

Why UK only... this is a good option. Damn.

Please note that it comes with a signed artcard, probably the same artcard that comes with the bundles.

Would be nice for a US option of just the art card and cd! Surprised Newbury never got them to sell



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