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With the recent posts of officially signed books by filmmakers / directors such as Sonnenfeld / Villeneuve / Nolan , are there any other (past/ present) official releases signed from other directors as well?

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You're completely right.  It's a very bizarre explanation of the delay and book production process. I'll hold the charge back in my back pocket for now and see what materialises, or not,  in a couple of weeks. 

My copy was not numbered as advertised. So I wonder if people complained and they decided to delay it or pull it for now.

The date they used on this was from when the original regular edition came out. This was never listed until the week or so before it got posted on here. Confusing, but it wasn't really out last year.

i ordered this book too, i'll wait the two weeks to see if they start shipping people's books. if not, i'll contact my bank. I emailed insight editions, took them a good few days to reply, and on the 21st of june got an email saying "Your order is currently in process and will be shipping soon. Once your order ships, you will receive tracking information directly via email". i've heard nothing since, or got my book

I was stupid and passed on this one from the directors of Airplane.. im a huge fan of that type of comedy and have many items from Leslie Nielson but I was sick of signed books and trying hard to slow down my spending. Really regret passing on this one.


I just found this as well from one of the best directors of all time:


And his daughter, 'Sofia Coppola - Archive.' (sorry Jason H, had to list it)

Seemed to be 2 different versions, 1 with a signed "insert"... 


And 1 signed on the page itself - 


Haha, its an autograph and should be listed, I wont say any more than that.

Darren Aronofsky - Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan, The Wrestler, etc. 


His sig was a quickie if I remember correctly, not a squiggle-fest tho... 

Werner Herzog - Every Man for Himself and God against All: Signed Edition


There was another signed book of his in 2022. 

Posted in another thread, there seems to be a bunch of 1999 Wild Wild West Barry Sonnenfields on ebay for under $10

Oliver Stone - Chasing the Light signed book. I believe this was 2020 or 2021.

Can't find the link, but there was a signed Heat 2 by Michael Mann a couple years ago. 


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