It's time to firm up our 2016 full band-signed Beatles album census. Among the additions since our last census in 2011 is this band-signed US release White Album that Tracks sold for $186,000 in late 2013. One of only two Beatles-signed White Albums known!

Please check the lists of US and UK releases and post if you know of any adjustments that need to be made.

US Release Band-Signed Beatles Albums

  • 7-8 Meet the Beatles
  • 2 Help
  • 1 Beatles 65
  • 2 Beatles VI
  • 0 Rubber Soul
  • 2 Revolver
  • 0 Magical Mystery Tour
  • 0 Abbey Road
  • 0 Yellow Submarine
  • 2 White Album
  • 1 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
  • 0 Let it Be

Total: 15-16 US Release Band-Signed Beatles Albums Known

UK Release Band-Signed Beatles Albums

  • Roughly 75 Please Please Me (Their first album, signed in three 1963 UK promotional tours)
  • 16-21 With the Beatles
  • 8-10 Hard Day’s Night
  • 3 Beatles for Sale
  • 2 Help
  • 2 Rubber Soul
  • 1 Revolver
  • 6 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
  • 0 Magical Mystery Tour
  • 0 White Album
  • 0 Yellow Submarine
  • 2 Abbey Road
  • 0 Let it Be

Total: 113-120 UK Release Band-Signed Beatles Albums Known

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How about adding signed EPs as well to the census? Frank Caiazzo writes this on his site:

"In fact, to date there have been less than 10 authentically signed Beatles EP covers known to surface, which puts them in the realm of ultra-scarce"


That's a great idea as a separate census, MG. It's been suggested for a long time, too. I'll set up a separate census for that this weekend.

I'm also going to be setting up censuses for other rare and desirable bands and artists.

Thanks for reminding me!

great, looking forward! Marc

PS. I think Prince signed albums, Elvis signed albums, and Michael Jackson signed albums would make great census efforts, too.

Bread the American soft rock group would be nice. Not too many genuine Albums out there.

Steve, Would like to add Springsteen and Chicago (with Terry Kath) to that list please. Thanks!


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