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I ordered these just to get signed posters.I returned all the cassettes and got a refund a bit of pain,  because if outside of UK could order the signed posters without a bundle did it out of principle!

I just noticed the shipping dimensions on my Fedex tracking are listed as 13x10x1 in. That doesn't feel very encouraging. I really hope these aren't folded.

I bought that Florence solo cd somewhere a few years ago. The signature was illegible. It was like a huge scribble. Personally I wouldn't waste another dime, let alone pay to have it framed.

Posters are rolled. A friend of mine already got hers, and I found these on Instagram. Decidedly above average signature.

Nice one, they look great

Yes they are. Nothing like what I got. Those were totally worth it.

These things are huge and look great, thanks for the heads up

These look as good as my signature I got from her in person in 2009 before she really broke. Nice to see!

Anyone else get theirs from the German website Bravado, or even get a shipping notification yet? I ordered 2 posters shipped to California. Wonder when they’ll be sent out. 

I ordered a couple too and just checked and the one that's still available says the ship date is 5-13, but I'm not sure we will get them, when I ordered them 2 of them said you must have a german address to order them but the 3rd one didn't say it. I figured it was an error but tried anyway, but just noticed they added the German address thing on that one too. I guess we will find out in about a week. 

Thanks for the update. I was able to check out on 2 variants. Got an email confirmation and everything. Hope they ship. One is for me and the other is a gift. 

Just got shipping confirmation on the signed posters from the German store so looks like they are shipping them to the U.S.



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