Is this real?

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I don’t like it,

why not?

They do not look like their signatures, especially Pat, Nate. They just look awkward.

me neither don't like the david

Well the thing is, they are real! I got them yesterday, they played in Switzerland and I met them at their hotel. Here some photos

Ha! doesn't surprise me at all. I mean serioulsy, who would fake Rami Jaffee's autograph? Also, Dave's autograph really is pretty terrible these days.

Milwal, my question to you is why are you asking if this is real if you got the autographs in person? People on this website can be very helpful but if you purposely try to trick them you will not receive much help at all the next time.

There's a fair bit of grey area in this autograph business, and i appreciate that some of the goals of ALM are to reduce and eliminate that doubt whilst exposing the forgeries. ALM has successfully united serious, dedicated and knowledgeable collectors in a place where they can educate and share their craft.

It's wise to remember however, that opinions are just that, and TPAs as well as respected ALM members can get it wrong.

Did anyone feel that these autographs were genuine before Milwal revealed the photographs? It would have been interesting to see this discussion grow with opinions for and against to see if authenticity could be determined. 

Good point

I agree. I take issue with anyone purposely trying trick people.

Trying to see if people really know what they are talking about, not tricking them

Real or fake, theyre not very attractive, and for that reason - Im out.

Spend more than an hour or two on this site and you’ll see that there is a ton of invaluable information for real collectors and people vested in the hobby.

Nobody is perfect, but pound for pound, Ill trust my friends and cohorts here every single time over a paid opinion.

My 2 cents :)



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