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Here's an example of one of those forged Derek Jeter/Scott Rolen "1998 Topps Co-Signers" cards.

These are obvious and laughable forgeries listed by Ebay seller Bucs-21.

The "Masters" of these Derek Jeter/Scott Rolen cards were probably back-doored out of Topps and then forged.

I've seen dozens of these Derek Jeter/Scott Rolen "1998 Topps Co-Signers" forgeries over the years and all forged by the same hand.

Here are those Derek Jeter/Scott Rolen forgeries listed by Ebay seller Bucs-21.


Below is a set of authentic Derek Jeter/Scott Rolen autographs from the "1998 Topps" product.

Here's another set of Jeter/Rolen forgeries on that same back-doored master.

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LOL so awful... I'd love to own one of those AUTHENTIC cards one day, beautiful Jeet sig on that. Also Scott Rolen grew up 30 minutes away from my hometown. Good guy.

Although I do not believe that Scott Rolen is a Hall-Of-Famer, congratulations to him.

There is already a forged Jeter/Rolen "1998 Topps Co-Signers" on Ebay.



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